You have to reach a whole new level of dedication to tat your face, and unless you own you’re own business, you’re probably fucked, but you’re badass and awesome at the same time.



SO done with Facebook.

lolololol this gurl is a slut. y i h8 where i live
i was about to say ” You should live in Danville” then i saw the name an was like O wait… 


6’3, bitches

Not that this of any importance, but i saw a girl walking around in a like peach colored sundress today, you could clearly see her ass and her sexy ass underwear. FUCKING LOVE THE BEACH.

and i got a tan, pretty sure this is the darkest ive ever been.lmao
havent put a picture on hur ina whilee

lavagoth: haha smoke weed

And this is why we can’t have nice things.

I believe the correct term is “Out Of Step With The World”
no, weird
Fuck This Shit And Get High
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